So. This is amazing. You’ve probably heard of Saga (written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples) and you’ve probably heard people rave about it. I’d heard it all too and I was reluctant to give it a go because of the hype. But I’m glad I did because for me it was really, really worth it.

I’d read Vaughan’s Pride of Baghdad a few years ago and really liked it so I was confident of the writing. Staples’ artwork looked beautiful from what I’d seen online and the first three volumes were 20$ all together on sale so I couldn’t argue with the price. So, here I am on the hype train. Chugga, chugga, choo, choo!

Anyway, the writing and characters are just spot on. They are witty, fun, and fresh. There’s a enough sassy women, legless floating ghostly teens, lie detecting cats, assassins, and cute goat boys to go around. If you’re not OK with some weirdness and nudity then you probably will be turned off by this series though. There’s some weird things… like TV headed robot people having sex and huge naked giants with large genitalia, but trust me it is all in good fun! It’s just so SO good. I’ve dropped extremely heavy hints about wanting the next volumes for Christmas. Now excuse me while tie my hands behind my back and try not buy them before the 25th.

Update: I failed. I bought volume four and five during a black Friday deal. And yes, the series is still awesome in case you were wondering.

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