The Marvels


The Marvels by Brian Selznick is a great little book. Well, size-wise it is actually quite large. It is over 600 pages and quite heavy, but don’t be alarmed it is only about 200 pages of text. The rest is filled with beautiful black and white drawings. To explain, the first half has drawings that tell the story of the Marvel family from 1766 to 1900. Then the second half of the book begins in 1990 and is told through text. It is a creative little idea and everything gets explained and connected by the end.

This is a children’s book, but adults can easily enjoy it too. It doesn’t have an extreme amount of depth to the story or characters, but it was a fun little mystery to figure out the connection between the drawings and the text. Most of the text takes place during Christmas so it might be a nice book to look and at read during Christmas with your child. I guess I have to warn you that there are some homosexual references in the book in case that offends you for some reason. It’s such a good family, feel-good kind of story. I would recommend it to kids and adults alike. It is a gorgeous book to sit proudly on your bookshelf too!

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