My True Love Gave to Me


This is a collection of Christmas stories written by various authors. The stories are primarily romances and though romance isn’t usually my thing I wanted to read this for Christmas. Some of them melted my cold heart! Many of these authors are new to me so I also thought it would be a good way to sample their work so that I know if I want to invest in reading their novels. I’m usually against “star” or number ratings, but it might be the best way to keep this review short so here it goes!

Midnights by Rainbow Rowell: 3/5
-It was a nice story, but I haven’t ever been able to get into Rainbow Rowell’s novels. I know a lot of people seem to like this one, but it felt a bit generic to me. It was an interesting idea and entertaining though.

The Lady and The Fox by Kelly Link: 4/5
-A lot of other reviewers rate this story very low, but I really liked it! I liked the fantasy elements, the imagery, and the symbolism. My only complaint is that it felt rushed- especially at the end.

Angels In The Snow by Matt de la Peña: 5/5
-This one was pretty adorable. I liked Shy and the story felt realistic. Shy had a lot on his mind and had a good amount of depth to him for a short story character. It wasn’t purely a romance. There were light themes about race, economic status, and family. I enjoyed the open ending and also there was a cat!

Polaris Is Where You’ll Find Me by Jenny Han: 1/5
– One star might be a little harsh, but I didn’t like this story at all. The premise sounded interesting, but it wasn’t well executed. It didn’t make me “believe” in it. Natty felt very hollow, dull, and immature.

It’s a Yuletide Miracle, Charlie Brown by Stephanie Perkins: 5/5
– This one melted my heart. It was such a nice little story! It was funny with a cute romance. I liked the writing and characters and the guy was a big strong lumberjack man. Yum.

Your Temporary Santa by David Levithan: 3/5
– I liked the idea of this one, but it didn’t really go anywhere. There were hints at plot and character depth, but the loose strings of it just dangled and didn’t tie in anywhere. I did like the fact that it was an LGBT romance though.

Krampuslauf by Holly Black: 1/5
– Again, I liked the idea, but it didn’t work for me. Maybe I’m just not a big Holly Black fan. Everything that I’ve read from her is about angst filled teens getting into trouble and that isn’t my thing. The romance was also just odd.

What The Hell Have You Done, Sophie Roth? by Gayle Forman: 2/5
– This was simply OK. I liked that it touched on race and otherness, but that was really all there was for a the plot. I didn’t like the female main character. I got tired of reading about how everyone misunderstood her.

Beer Buckets and Baby Jesus by Myra McEntire: 1/5
– Another flop for me unfortunately. It was too cliche. Bad boy meets good girl and tries to change his ways. It seemed like everything went wrong, but somehow a teenage bad boy was able to save the day when the adults are clueless/useless? Uh huh.

Welcome To Christmas, CA by Kiersten White: 5/5
– I couldn’t help but love this one. It was kind of cheesy, but really sweet. It was magical in a few different ways and the almost fantasy-like quality of it was great.

Star of Bethlehem by Ally Carter: 4/5
– Another really good story! My only problem with it was that it seemed too hurried. I know it is a short story with (probably?) limited space, but I wanted more build up of the characters and to the climax.

The Girl Who Woke The Dreamer by Laini Taylor: 4/5
– The writing in this story was lovely. The imagery and atmosphere swept me away! I loved the fantasy and magic in the story. However, I wasn’t a fan of the pacing and though I loved the descriptions it felt like they overshadowed the character development a bit too much. Very close to 5 stars though!

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