The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 1 & 2


The Wicked + The Divine has a great premise. Every ninety years twelve gods are reincarnated as pop stars. They inspire the pop culture of their time, have rabid fans, and scholars are devoted to studying them and their reemergence. They burn bright for two years and then… they die. Even though I heard mixed things about this series I couldn’t resist trying it for myself and even though it was not amazing I wasn’t disappointed either.

As I said, idea behind The Wicked + The Divine is great. I love seeing a collection of different gods and goddesses being pop icons. I love how the gods are interpreted to fit into a modern setting. The art is amazing and the character designs are to die for. There is so much I like about this series, but for me the problem is in the execution.

The first volume threw me into the middle of everything. I felt lost. I can appreciate an energetic start, but this was a little much. I didn’t know enough about the world or the characters to understand exactly what was going on or what/who the characters were talking about. Suddenly there are nine gods and many humans to keep track of and there was not enough time to get to know everyone and keep track of the fast pace of the plot and lore. The second volume seems a bit more smooth, but maybe by then I was just acquainted enough with things to handle it better.

If I could change the story-line just a bit I think it would flow better and be easier to get into. I would start much slower and at an earlier point- like when the gods are first starting to reemerge. Then perhaps follow them one by one as they discover their powers. It would be a little slower, but I think it would help introduce them and perhaps start building the drama between them at the same time so that it ramps up. At times the relationships between gods were hinted at, but I wanted to know more of their stories instead of being thrust into the middle of a conversation between them that I couldn’t follow. From what little I’ve read about it, the third volume apparently goes into more of the gods’ backstories.

I would recommend this series, but I would also warn that it is a bit confusing to begin with. I will be continuing on with it and I hope I will enjoy it more as time goes on.

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