Rat Queens, Vol 1: Sass & Sorcery


Rat Queens (written by Kurtis J. Wiebe and illustrated by Roc Upchurch), like Saga, is another highly rated series. I’m not really finding hidden gems, I know, but I’ve only recently gotten into the graphic novel/comic scene. In classic role-playing game fashion the four kick-ass female leads are different races and classes. There’s Betty the Smidgen rogue, Hannah the Elf mage, Violet the Dwarf fighter, and Dee the Human cleric. They make up the Rat Queens, a mercenary troupe that is doing more harm than good for their city at the moment.

Plot-wise I like where the series is going. There is one major plot line which seems like it is going some place interesting by the end of this volume. What I really enjoyed were all the subplots though. Each of the women have their own issues, families, and relationships that they are dealing with on top of the trouble they are getting into. This of course leads me to the characters themselves. All of their separate plot lines make them very interesting. I feel like a couple of their personalities run together and feel a little trope-y in this one, but the volume is fairly short and is only the first so I hope they become more unique as time goes on. I definitely see their potential even now though.

Rat Queens is a funny, sexy, action packed adventure that I’d highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t already read it!

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