YOUbyCKYou are probably wondering if you should read this book. Or maybe you have already heard great things about it. Either way if you like thrillers with a sprinkle of humor and eroticism then it would be a good idea if you picked this one up. If you do decide to read it you will hear Joe’s story of what he would call true love. You will read from his view, an obsessive stalker’s view, and you will probably like it. But seriously, You is a pretty great read. Kepnes writes from the charismatic viewpoint of Joe Goldberg. Joe is a manager of a book store and he’s a bit… strange. He obsessives over women and he has found a new target in an aspiring writer named Guinevere Beck (who prefers to just be called Beck).

Every character in this book has issues. They are not good people, but you can somewhat understand all of them- even Joe. There is a lot of personality in this novel. Joe’s voice is witty, wild, and yet pitiable. It is so odd to actually be rooting for his happiness and then other times be so disgusted with him. The humor comes from Joe’s unflinching analysis of other people and the crazy lengths he goes to when he stalks Beck. I couldn’t help but shake my head and laugh at some of Joe’s thoughts. That isn’t to say the book isn’t chilling. It is, but less so than others I’ve read. The scariest part of it is that social media makes it easy for someone like Joe to find out almost anything about anyone.

You is not a nice book. There is violence, swearing, and lots of sexual scenes and references. It also is not the most scary or gripping thriller, but there is something charming about it. I had a hard time putting it down and I enjoyed reading it. There are a few points that are on the boring side though. There is a lot of waiting and cyclical up and down moments in the plot that might get repetitive. There are also a few times where I am sure Joe should have been caught or had suspicion cast his way, but even those little bumps in the storytelling didn’t turn me off. It’s said that Showtime has the rights to You and there is a sequel called Hidden Bodies (out 2/23/16) that might time up some lose ends in You.

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