The Graveyard Book

TGBbyNGAfter a few recent reading disappointments I chose to read something I knew I’d love. This is the story of Nobody Owens. His family was murdered when he was a toddler and he tottered his way into the nearby graveyard where he was raised by the ghosts that inhabit it. We follow Bod as he grows up and struggles with his identity as a human living with the dead. As if growing up isn’t hard enough in itself the man who killed his family is still lurking outside the graveyard.

This is a book that readers of all ages can enjoy. Children and young adults will probably gravitate towards the magical adventure more while older readers will be able to appreciate the themes of watching a child grow up and letting them go. Bod is a believable young character. He is inquisitive and lonely. He tests his guardians and makes mistakes, but he has a kind heart. The various ghosts that live in the graveyard have their own quirks and stories which is very fun to read about too.

Though not my favorite Gaiman book it is very good. I wanted more information about the magical aspects in the world. I wish there was more about Silas’ adventure, the killer’s motive, and more details about the ghoul gates. Despite those small gripes I really enjoyed this!

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