The Call of the Wild

TCotWbyJLI read a lot as a child, but I somehow missed out on a lot of children’s classics. I found some of these cute Puffin children’s classics on sale at Book Outlet after Christmas. So this year I am going to try to read some of them! The Call of the Wild was the first one I picked. In case you don’t already know the premise, Buck the farm dog gets taken away from his home and sold into the sled dog business. Along his tough journey he discovers his wild roots.

This was a good short novel. I felt that the length worked against it though. I just wanted more from the story. The dogs weren’t given much personality. I was interested in forming a connection with them and the humans, but the narrative was a little too distance for me to become attached to any of them. I would have liked the story to go a little slower and give more details about the environment and characters a little more, but perhaps it would have been too repetitive or dull if it were written that way. This probably won’t be my favorite children’s classic, but it was still a good little read.

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