More Than This

MTTbyPN I have heard a lot of great things about Patrick Ness, but nothing he has written really sounds like something that would grab me. So when I went to the library a few weeks ago I decided to take a chance on him because why not? More Than This begins with the death of the main character. Or is he really dead? Seth wakes up in a very different world than the one he thought he left. This new world is devoid of all life and yet it is familiar. Is he still alive? Is he in an afterlife? And where is everyone else?

Some of these questions get answers while others do not and some create even more questions. This is a very philosophical novel. It questions life, death, and reality. Seth seeks answers and by the end the reader will too. What does life mean? Is there more than this to life? To reality? To people? The fact that the novel begins with a death is certainly interesting, but after that I became a little bored. The plot heats up about halfway through and suddenly becomes almost like an action movie. Personally, I didn’t like the flow of the plot and I didn’t find it to be very original. I can’t really say what movie it reminded me of because it would spoil some plot points and this is definitely a book that is better to read without knowing much. Also, the questioning, philosophical theme of the novel has been done before on much more subtle level. I wasn’t blown away by the characters either. So as a whole the book was just OK to me.

For a young adult novel the plot and themes are very deep and fresh. This is many times better than another love triangle special snowflake drama like many YA novels. I just don’t think this was the best choice for me to read. I don’t think I’ll give up on Ness either, but the hype around him and this novel might have gotten to me.

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