Chi’s Sweet Home


It’s finals time and I’m wrapping up my first year of grad school and I am a bit stressed. I picked this up because look at that little cat face! I had heard of Chi’s Sweet Home before, but I put it on the list of things I will get to eventually. However, I saw this little face in the book store in the wrong section and had to give it a home.

Chi is a little lost kitten. She is separated from her mother and all alone. She is about to give up when she meets a family who takes her in. Unfortunately the apartment complex that they live in does not allow pets. Misadventures ensue as Chi grows up and learns about the human world while her humans try to keep her a secret.

This edition has full color illustrations in a cutesy manga/anime style. It’s also pretty large at about 500 pages. It was also a bit on the expensive side at $25. There really isn’t much of a plot to the series. It simply follows the day to day antics of a cute kitten and her family. Chi’s behavior is very true to real life cats and kittens so many of her adventures are easy to relate to if you’ve ever owned a cat. I smiled throughout the book. The illustrations are easy to follow and simply adorable. Chi’s thoughts and actions are funny even if her “baby-talk” voice might be a little annoying to some readers.

If you like cats, cute comics, and just want a few hours of smiles then I think Chi’s Sweet Home is a good choice. It won’t change the world with profound revelations, but it might make it a happier place for a little while.

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