Finnikin of the Rock

FotRbyMM.pngAnother young adult fantasy novel, but this time it is a series and not a standalone. Finnikin’s homeland, Lumatere, is splintered and his people are exiles. Finnikin, Sir Topher-his mentor, and a mysterious girl named Evanjalin set out to find the heir to the throne in hopes to reunite their people and piece together their kingdom.

This is a series I have heard good things about and it has been on my second-string list of books to read for a while. This might be a bit of an unpopular opinion, but I am not really a fan of this book and will not be continuing the series. I simply found it boring.

The writing is clear, but I would no call it beautiful. I found the descriptions of settings lacking in depth. There are a couple of maps in the front of the book at least. The beginning of the novel contains a lot of backstory and it is a lot to grasp at once. There are multiple flashbacks and dream sequences that help flesh out the characters, but the amount of information and jumping around jumbles the flow in my opinion. Though the characters have development I did not find myself liking them or even interested in them. Evanjalin in particular seems to make every event and conversation more difficult than it needs to be. She has strength, which is nice, but I could not get behind most of her actions.

Though this might be a nice series for some readers, I did not find anything gripping or original in it. Don’t hate me!

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