Sunborn Rising: Beneath the Fall


Something is wrong with Barra the Listlespur’s world. Over the generations the treetops have become dimmer and dimmer. Barra’s father was researching why this was happening, but he died before he could find conclusive evidence to convince the Elder Council to take action. Barra’s curiosity leads her to discover her father’s research and convince her friends Tory and Plicks to go on a journey beneath the Fall.

This is a lovely little book that is just a really fun adventure. I would classify this as Middle Grade, but I’ve seen some places call it Young Adult. The writing is the only thing that bothered me and it feels more like Middle Grade. Often it is very simplistic and perhaps more simple than it needs to be for a Middle Grade novel. Sometimes it also feels very stiff. And- I’m not sure how to explain it exactly- the pacing is often very fast, but somehow the action feels slow. The novel has a lot of action and scene changes, but at times the action is bogged down by the author describing every detail or action by the characters.

That being said, the story is just fun and I can tell that a lot of work went into the novel. There are many full color, full page illustrations that are simply stunning. The artwork is beautiful and the characters remind me of something Disney would come up with. The world building is pretty good and quite creative. It is easy to tell from the artwork and writing that the author has really thought out the world he has placed the character in. It is worth mentioning that the books has a gorgeous website that introduces the world and characters, showcases the artwork style, and plans to include other media/games related to the novel in the future.

Though the story itself isn’t anything ground breaking. The whole “we must save our world from corruption and bad guys” thing has been done before. But, I had fun reading this and plan to pick up any sequels. I want more of this world and I would love to see more of the illustrations!

Quick Disclaimer: I did receive this book for free from the author from a Goodreads giveaway. However, I was not paid to review this.

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