The Library at Mount Char

TLaMCbySHI’m kind of at a loss at how to explain this one, but here it goes… In an alternate reality 1970’s America, a neighborhood gathers for a picnic, but something goes very wrong. The children of the neighborhood find themselves orphaned in seconds and taken in by a strange man with even stranger powers. They call him Father and he raises and trains them outside of our world. Now Father is missing and the children are unable to enter their home. They have come into their own- very formidable- power, but how will they cope in America without him? And where is he? Who could possibly hurt Father?

I adore this book. It is marketed as a cross between Neil Gaiman and Joe Hill and I would have to agree with that. It reminds me a lot of Good Omens with a quirky plot and dark humor. The characters and their interactions are priceless. This book made me smile, snort, and laugh out loud all while I was on the edge of my seat. And it feels so fresh and original! I’m sure it has similarities to other media in which a group of children have unique powers. If you are into that sort of plot you might see the similarities, but I still think it is unique enough to warrant a look. I should note that this is an adult book with violence, cursing, and some very light mentions of sex and rape.

But I barely gave it five stars because there are some pretty big issues. All the fun aside, the book takes its time to explain things. It is hard to understand what is going on for a while, but I like the suspense and mystery. However, even by the end not all of my questions were answered. My biggest issue is that only about half of the children’s powers are explained. Each has their own specialty, but not all the children are even properly introduced, let alone given spotlight to what they are capable of. This bothered me a lot. But… I had such a fun experience with this that I just couldn’t give it four stars. Based on the ending and my wishful thinking there must be a sequel. Please, Scott Hawkins? Please?

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