The String Diaries

TSDbySLJIt’s dark, they’re in the middle of nowhere, and Hannah’s husband is bleeding to death in the passenger’s seat. She can’t risk taking him to a hospital and she can’t stop running because someone is after them. Hannah doesn’t even know who is after them though. It could even be her own father… because this someone has the ability to completely change his appearance. Going into this novel I had heard mixed things, but it sounded so interesting that I had to give it a chance. A fantasy thriller? Sign me up! Although I enjoyed this novel it has some problems that lowered my over all opinion of it.

This book is about 400 pages, but it feels like it needs to be longer. There is so much going on and by the end I still had so many questions. Many things were not fleshed out or explained enough. There’s some kind of magic that I would have liked to know more about. There is a race who can use said magic and though there are hints about their society and culture… I need to know more for them to feel realistic. There’s also some kind of secret society. But again, I want and need to know more! There is a sequel to this novel so hopefully it goes into more detail about all of these things. I just feel like this first novel could have done a little more to flesh the world out.

Without going into any spoilers I also have to mention the characters. They fell a little flat for me too. Not only because of their personalities (side note- but how the hell did Hannah’s kid stay asleep through everything that happened at the start and not freak out?), but in my opinion they made some dumb choices. Sometimes in mystery/thriller/horror novels (and movies) the characters go off alone or do something you just know is a bad idea. That annoys me, doesn’t feel realistic, and those moments appear in this novel. I was yelling at the pages… and I saw many events and twists coming.

I would not call this a thriller. It has moments of tension, but I don’t believe they are enough to call this a thriller through and through. It is an interesting fantasy novel with some mystery and action mixed in. The ending was abrupt and a little odd, but I am interested in seeing what the sequel has to offer. Hopefully it can answer many of my questions and breathe more life into this world.

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