Bird Box


Something is out there and when you see it you go violently insane. What is this thing… or things? Is it actually a being? A sickness of the mind? It’s hard to say when no one has lived to tell what happened to them. The world has effectively ended. Society as we know has come to a screeching halt as people all over the world start killing themselves and others after they see something. Malorie, newly pregnant and in disbelief about what is happening, finds herself seeking refuge with strangers and learning to navigate a world without sight.

I devoured this book. It is short, but it went so fast because I couldn’t put it down. I told myself, “just one more page,” but that one page turned into a few more chapters. As with many thrillers, the characters aren’t what keeps the pages turning. You want to know what happened or who did it. You want answers. That’s very much the case with this novel. Malorie as a character is merely a vehicle to take us through the plot. She and the other characters aren’t anything particularly special and that is one of the main reasons this wasn’t a five-star read for me.

Honestly, I thought the plot was excellent. The idea of not being able to look outside your windows or only being able to go outside with a blindfold on is scary. How do you get food? How do you raise children? How does humanity survive? All this and the “bad guy(s)” can’t even be seen! What do they look like? What do they/it want? Where did they/it/whatever come from? So many questions! And… so few answers. It’s not a spoiler to say that every question does not get an answer, but I really, really wanted to know everything. But, if every question came with an answer I don’t think this book would have been half as good.

Want a thriller that is open-ended and is a fun, fast ride? Read this.

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