Jane Steele

jsbylfPicture Jane Eyre meets the TV show Dexter. Jane Steele has had a hard life. After the death of her mother she is alone and orphaned. The family she has left only tolerates her. After an unfortunate accident Jane is sent away to a boarding school where she learns how to survive through deceit and gains a taste for revenge.

I liked this novel, but I had some issues with it. Let’s start with some positives though. I liked the characters a lot. Jane’s opinion of herself and her actions made sense to me. Though I questioned some of her reactions- especially when the romance comes into the picture- I could still rationalize everything. The supporting cast was varied and interesting. Overall, I enjoyed the plot too.

In Jane Eyre I liked the parts after her time in boarding school the most. With Jane Steele my feelings were reversed. After Jane Steele leaves the school the book slows down and the plot becomes a little convoluted. Suddenly the focus shifts from Jane’s own life to the problems of the supporting characters. Though the plot points tie together I still felt like I was reading another book. There are a few long passages where the side characters explain their pasts and the problems they faced which I found myself skimming. It was boring and the amount of “telling” became a bit tedious. Though I enjoyed reading the novel when I picked it up it was easy to put down

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