The Jungle Book


Before the new live-action Jungle Book came out I decided I wanted to read the book, but I also decided I wanted a nice edition to read from. I found this edition by Harper Design and fell in love. This is going to be another lazy review that mostly talks about the physical book and not so much about the story. Sorry!

I will start by saying that I was surprised how the Disney movies came up with the plot for their versions of The Jungle Book with so little actually written about it by Kipling. I can certainly see the similarities, but I am curious why they made certain choices with the characters and plot. Kaa (not really a bad guy in the book) and Shere Khan (not as menacing in the book) seem different from their Disney counterparts. Baloo, Mowgli, and Bagheera (always my favorite in every version) are mostly the same though. Disney, as always, takes liberties in their interpretations, but the main events are much the same. For those who don’t know, The Jungle Book does not only include stories about Mowgli and company. There are a few other animal-centered stories taking place in India included as well.

So, about this edition… It is very pretty and just feels good to touch. There are colorful, stylized illustrations throughout the book as well as interactive elements like pull-out maps, spinning wheels, and pop-up artwork. These are neat, but as someone who likes keeping books in mint-as-possible condition they and their protective surrounding papers got in the way when reading. I wouldn’t suggest this as a reading copy or a copy for young children, but as a collection piece it is very nice. I have seen matching editions of Peter Pan and Beauty and the Beast out as well so I may be starting a collection…

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